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We need to cut global energy use by at least 70% by 2050, can we do it?

The transition to 100% renewable energy will be (very) hard. It is an enormous task as human industrial civilisation currently produces and uses 18 TW of (mainly fossil fuel derived) power which must be replaced by a zero emissions renewable system (not to mention all the devices that currently use fossil fuels such as cars […]

Do we have enough metals and minerals to make the 100% renewable energy transition

The transition to 100% renewable energy is going to take pretty large quantities of stuff, that is, metals, minerals, oil (sadly) , natural gas, concrete and so on to build the solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and other equipment we will need. There is some debate about whether or not there will be enough of […]

Is a transition to 100% renewable energy possible in the time we have to do it

As you peer into the data surrounding our transition to 100% renewable energy, a stark realisation sinks in about the magnitude of the task ahead of us, and that is, ‘holy s..olar panel’ our chances of pulling this off are very slim and precisely zero we unless we fundamentally change the way our civilisation operates. […]

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